As one would expect of a watch bearing such a name, the Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph displays the time in each of its time zones on a disc controlled by a double-pronged hand which completes a rotation every 24 hours.
The Manufacture’s designers have endowed the generously proportioned case with patented features including compression keys and the chronograph push-buttons, while its engineers have contributed a new anti-shock device which considerably attenuates the effects of vibrations and other disturbances on the smooth running of the watch.
In all sporting disciplines, prowess is as much a matter of technique as it is of physical strength.
The exceptional 72-hour power reserve further increases the watch’s reliability, so that its happy owner can rest assured that the information provided by his Master Compressor Chronograph will be of exemplary accuracy.

When you’re pushing yourself to new limits on the track or slope, there’s no time for shillyshallying. Starting the chronograph immediately sets the central second hand on its course around the dial. There is not the slightest hesitation: the pointer begins to make its circuit without first observing that momentary pause unhappily characteristic of so many other chronographs.
The reason for the superior operation of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new chronographs lies in their use of a vertical coupling rather than the more traditional lateral version.

This new calibre combines durability and precision to an unprecedented degree. The new calibre’s ceramic ball bearings enjoy the precious advantage of needing no lubrication. This may seem a minor detail to the uninitiated, but when one is aware of the problems caused by the presence of lubricants over time, the value of such an innovation is by no means insignificant.
The regulation of the movement’s functioning is achieved in this new calibre by adjusting the inertia of the large balance by means of four adjustable screws on its felly. Not only is the watch’s accuracy thereby improved; in addition, its sensitivity to the impacts and shocks received as a matter of course in everyday life is reduced. In the Manufacture’s new chronograph movement, the balance-spring is laser-welded at either end to the collet and the stud. The use of a laser makes it possible to prevent any damage to the metal in the course of the welding by reducing overheating. The gain in stability thus obtained is also accompanied by a gain in precision and by increased resistance, which prevents any damage to the balance-spring in case of shock.

A technical innovation: compression buttons.One of the most distinctive features of these new models is the presence of two compression buttons, located respectively at two and four o’clock on the case. The Manufacture’s master-watchmakers are incapable of conceiving of a marvellous new solution to an age-old problem without immediately foreseeing that it might one day be superseded by an even more advanced one.
The Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph turns to face the whole world. It displays the time in each of its time zones on a disc controlled by a two-pronged hand which completes a revolution every 24 hours.While it is well known that shocks are the arch-enemies of precision in mechanical watches, fewer people are aware that equally detrimental effects on the mechanism’s functioning result from vibrations. Subtler but no less pernicious, these are difficult to prevent. However, the master-watchmakers and engineers of Jaeger-Le Coultre have just perfected a revolutionary device designed to prevent everyday vibrations and shocks from affecting the functioning of the mechanism. The Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph is a beneficiary of this innovation.

Its titanium case is laid on a two-part base composed of a shaft for the lower part and a bezel for the upper part which together keep the movement’s casing in place. Furthermore, the Manufacture’s engineers have provided them with a shock-absorbing system: this device absorbs the energy from the vibrations and shocks received by the glass and shaft and considerably lessens their effects on the running of the watch.

There’s no time for procrastination when you need to change straps. For the first time in the history of the Manufacture, the Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph comes with two interchangeable straps, one of which is made of rubber. The provision of two straps might seem frivolous if it weren’t accompanied by an innovative device which makes instantaneous changeover possible: all you have to do is press a button in the back of the case and the pin is released. The fitting of the new strap is achieved rapidly and securely thanks to the provision of a pawl-and-ratchet mechanism. Appropriately in place of a folding clasp, the rubber strap is fastened by means of a buckle.

This one arrived a bit unexpected on the last day of 2006, a masterpiece of technique is hidden in this watch, read all about it in earlier info

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