The Port Royal Open Concept. A very sporty look with strong lines that exude virility. A true expression of modernity: the chassis is robust and the lines are clearcut. Through the open dial one can see the powerful engine, the chronograph movement of El Primero. A high tech range, sleek in profile, urban with its architectural lines, will appeal to strong personalities.

«I designed Port Royal in New York. I had in mind a steel bridge and I started drawing its curved profile. Then I looked at the jungle of skyscrapers and I created the dial in a chequered pattern like the front of a building. Finally, I listened to the vibrations of the city and it made me want to give it a soul», says Thierry Nataf, CEO and Artistic Director of ZENITH. The state-of-the-art design of the case holds the best performing chronograph movement, the El Primero, with the power of its 36,000 vibrations. Through the open dial, one can see the movement of the bridges and wheels of the escapement. Under the bonnet of this Formula 1 watch nestles the best caliber with harmonic plates capable of absorbing the shock waves of the vibrations produced by this high-speed engine, the fastest chronograph movement in the world!

The standard model comes in a deep black or white metallic case with straps made of organic rubber or black alligator. The range offers two sizes: apart from the XXT model there is a more compact sports version for the smaller wrists. The push buttons are ergonomic and the geometric guilloche pattern on the dial is repeated on the rotor. The pointed cones, the power reserve indicator in a fan-shape and the sculptured numerals add the final touch. The result overwhelms all expectations: leading-edge technology inside a luxury body.

Amazing: it is a very manly watch. But Thierry Nataf and the engineers at ZENITH wanted to go even further: somewhere at the crossroads of imagination, creative passion and technology, they invented the Concept watch, a combination of shadows and light, a strong structure made with innovative materials: a true vision of the future.

What is the future? It is space, hence transparency. Lightness combined with absolute strength. That is why the case of the Port Royal Concept is made of titanium, an alloy shaped by man’s hand, a dark grey metal with an atomic structure which has a unique physical strength. As strong as steel but 45% lighter, anti-allergic and biocompatible. Its name comes from Titan, son of Heaven and Earth in the Greek mythology. The TR90 used in the dial is a material derived from space technology, translucent, thus creating an impression of depth, whilst through a trompe-l’oeil effect the numerals appear to be raised. Thanks to the visible screws and wheels in cobalt blue, the watch can be regulated from the outside. The strap is formed in carbon and Kevlar and has a tensile strength of more than 250 kilos.

As a result, the Port Royal Concept is the precise meeting point between the strength of a high-tech futuristic structure and power in a raw state. It is revolutionary, post-modern, definitely ZENITH.



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