So...after a long wait the Rolex Deep Sea finally arrived, 2 days after my 50th birthday, it couldn't be better ! LOL ! the best presents are those you buy for yourself is my thinking ! This solid piece of steel (215 grams to be exactly) is 'the' Rolex like I've always wanted it to be. Big but not to big after getting used to Panerais, IWC BP's, JLC EWC's etc.... it even doesn't surpass them in terms of visually bigness to be honnest. Quality and finishing is top level as you might expect from Rolex, the bracelet's glide-lock system is realy outstanding, all in all you can make the bracelet 45mm longer to have it fit over a wet suit. That probably wouldn't be the case in my situation as I don't dive but it's a nice thought you can go down for nearly 4 KM, without worrying about your watch ! :-o))), I just finished reading a test on this watch in a German watch magazine and it got a 6/6 quote, with the only negative point that it's hard to get! Even the price was considered fair if you see what you get, it's true ! compare this with other brands of a totally (most lower) level and you'd have to pay a lot more to have the same reliability that Rolex can offer. In the next time I'll try to make some decent pics in natural light, but since the weather isn't realy cooperating last days it will have to wait a bit ...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. I think I want one. For me, an enthousiastic scubadiver / uw-moviemaker it's a must have. (I keep telling myself!)


(S/S Submariner date 1984 first owner)