Ok I'll admit I was searching to ad a platinum watch to my collection since a long time, hesitating at the end between a Lange Datograph and a Patek 5960P, without even mentioning the huge cost of such a piece I always ended in doubt if that cost would compensate the wristtime I would give to it, I like the looks of it but wearing a classic watch with leasure wear always made me feel like doing the wrong thing, just don't ask me why .....   A few weeks ago I was on the hunt for an old Rolex Daydate in yellow gold when I also (re)discovered the larger Daydate 2 in 41mm .... but then again with a listprice of just over 50K this would be a no go.  Till a week ago this DD2 popped up as a second hand dated from Oktober 2012, hardly worn and totally freshed up after a light polish ..... et voilà, up came my Easter present :)






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