A few weeks ago I started looking after a nice Rolex Red Sub, but it was hard to find one that I could actually see and feel in the real. I found a nice looking one in Maastricht but hesitated at the end while it was from 1975 and I read they were only made till '73. So I was back at zero till my watch buddy Paul called me, anouncing he was selling a part of his collection of Rolex and Panerai, I remembered he had a 1680 so I immediately asked if it was for sale. A few days later we met and I came back home with this fantastic Red Sub, overhauled by Rolex in 2002, in perfect condition, Rolex changed the hands and bezel but i still have the Original parts, it also came with service papers, box, anchor, books and papers from Rolex Geneva stating the serial numbers and production year. My 2nd vintage Rolex after de 1803 Daydate.














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