The deliberation to buy this kind of watch took me a loooong time, it all started with watchfriend Bruno who asked me about every week "when are you going to buy a gold watch" and me responding "no way Jose, cause I'll probably never wear it". It was not that I didn't like at all gold watches, but I'm mostly casualy dressed and didn't find a reason to wear a dress watch on a pair of jeans if you get my drift ! After a long period of hesitation finally I was ready to have a look at some gold watches but without much hope of finding something that would catch my eye, it had to be 42-44mm at least, I prefered a black dial for readability, it had to have something special, and the price had to be acceptable in terms of buy and resell value! So you can guess that it would not be an easy find !! Till one day my eagle eye caught an announcement on with an IWC Perpetual, brandnew at a fair price. Things got better as the watch was sold by an other watchfriend from Denmark and at that time we had a Paneristi meeting planned in Hamburg so it wouldn't be a big thing to get the watch over there with the help of a few Danish attendants (thanks Martin&Martin), the deal was made and two of my favourite watches (JLC EWC and an IWC BP) had to go as my funds were limited. All in all I was satisfied with my first golden dress watch, this Portugieser even lets dress down on a jeans and gives a great deal of pleasure for the $$$, it's still a watch of course that I won't be wearing every day, maybe not every week, but it's always a pleasure to look at, I hope to keep it for some time in my collection!

the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5021. It has the new Calibre 50611 movement, which combines the basic design of the special IWC perpetual calendar module with the revolutionary –and still traditional—Calibre 5000. Yet, the movement is more than a simple combination. It uses the larger size of the Portuguese case, and the wider diameter of the Portuguese 5000 base movement, to enhance the perpetual module. There are more teeth on the moonphase gearing, so that the inaccuracy is now a mere one day in 577.5 years. There are now more bridges to facilitate assembly and service.
The Portuguese perpetual, from style to size to movement, represents two traditions. Yet, even if they are disparate, they co-exist in perfect harmony. Just as IWC as a company has both the Portuguese tradition and the Da Vinci tradition, this model reflects and expands upon both lineages. This is a watch of the past, the present and the future.
The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar is a beautiful watch. It is a functional watch –after all, a complicated dial of any perpetual is easier to read in a larger model. It is a useful watch. It represents a great movement –unique, but traditional, and produced with no compromise regarding quality. It is modern, but classic. It is an engineered watch, but still one that possesses a special grace and its own distinct charm.
Above all, this watch is a symbol. It is a symbol born out of synthesis. It represents watchmaking as a culture and IWC as a heritage. It is far more than a timekeeping device. The Portuguese perpetual calendar is truly a great achievement. It is a great watch, for what it is and for what it represents.