Jaeger-LeCoultre Extreme World Chrono, one more time !!

Without a doubt this is probably the only watch in my life that I bought 2 times ! The 1st EWC that I had arrived on the last day of 2006 and altough I had some technical problems with it in the beginning, I can say it got a lot of wristtime, more than all my other watches. So at the end of last year I had the opportunity to buy the IWC Perp. but this meant I had to sell my EWC, with regrets of course, but I knew that I would buy one again when possible, so last week I swapped my Panerai Sub 1950 added some cash and here came my 2nd EWC, I'm realy happy I did this move! I still had a lot of straps that I had made for it and the quick release system is so fine that this gives an extra pleasure to have this watch !


This week Bruno and I took our 'goldies' out of the vault and made a switch, he got my IWC gold rose Perpetual Calendar and I took the Lange Timezone for a ride ! even if the Lange is 2mm smaller on the wrist it still looks a big watch, probably the dial color has also to do with that! the finish of the German watch is absolutely top notch and if it wasn't for the money and the fact that I rarely wear a dress watch, I'd certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy it! meanwhile I got this one 'for free' least for a week :) !!


Could swapping watches between friends become a new trend ?? well at least me and Bruno are checking it out for you !! from a cost effective point it surely is a big winner as if we put our collection together we would at least have some 15 or more watches, and since you can wear only one at the time ! no need to say you can only do this with a person on which you can trust they are carefull (of course an accident can always happen) but you know what I mean, no barfight type of guys ! LOL On this occasion I got the Panerai 232 and Bruno took the 213 rattrapante