A re-edition of the Pam 26 not PVD'd but DLC'd (Diamond like coated) and a special edition of 1000 pc. at a price of 5.900€ still affordable !

Okay I'll be blunt, this is the Rolex like I would have it to be look like, almost.....,I mean a bit less text would be much nicer, and Deep Sea without Sea Dweller on it had of been ok for me also !! but at 43mm this will surely been one of the most bestselling Rolexes for the next years to come !! and one is reserved for me allready !!

A watch developed for extreme depths, guaranteed waterproof to 3,900 metres (12,800 feet), the Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA required the design of a case with a unique architecture, the RINGLOCK SYSTEM. This innovation patented by Rolex consists of a combination of three distinctive features: • The high-performance ring Set inside the middle case of the watch between the crystal and the case back, the high-performance nitrogen-alloyed stainless steel ring withstands the pressure exerted by water on the crystal and the case back. The middle case is made from 904L steel. • The sapphire crystal To resist pressure, the synthetic sapphire crystal is slightly domed and substantially thicker than the crystals of other Oyster models. • The case back The case back is made of a titanium alloy, an extremely resistant stainless material. It is held in place against the high-performance ring by means of a 904L-steel ring. The helium valve is made of high-performance stainless steel. Its size is adapted to the dimensions of the case to achieve optimal waterproofness. The helium valve is a safety feature which, during the decompression phase, releases the gases that infiltrate into the watch during caisson dives.

The Triplock winding crown, equipped with three seals and screwed onto the case, completes this ingenious waterproof system.The Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA is equipped with a unidirectional rotatable bezel with a 60-minute graduated black CERACHROM disc that allows the diver to precisely track his dive time. Engraved in the CERACHROM, the numerals and the graduations are filled with platinum through the use of a PVD technique patented by Rolex. The zero marker of the graduated bezel, represented by a triangle, is visible longer at night or in the depths of the ocean thanks to a capsule containing a new luminescent material that emits a blue glow. The dial To enhance legibility, the gold indexes and hands are wider and partially coated with the same new luminescent material and also emit a blue colour. The movement The Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA is equipped with calibre 3135, known for its chronometric precision, its reliability and its robustness; it also features a PARACHROM hairspring with high resistance to shocks and magnetic fields. Certified as a chronometer by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), the movement has a 48-hour power reserve.



This is what my collection looks like for the moment, and probably ;) will stay till fall 2008 !