IWC Chrono Top Gun

First I loved it, a bit later I had my doubts on it, and now I'm back to loving it !! what happened ?? when I first saw the ceramic flieger I wanted one, but helas the limited edition rattrapante (44mm) was sold out, and I wasn't ready to buy at a premium price. A few months later the 46mm Top Gun version came out and I had the chance to see the watch on my wrist at a local dealer and I started to hesitate, the price was hefty (9.200 Euro), the logo wasn't exactly my thing, and the comparison with the BP at only a fraction more of the price and receiving a manufacture caliber, made me choose for the BP at that moment.
Nearly a year later now, I walked by my AD and was stunned to see the new 2008 chrono ceramic in the window, I entered just to have a look, not nearly knowing the price of this piece, and.....oh wonder,.....I was surprised to hear it's cost was almost 30% cheaper as the rattrapante for the same watch (ok it's 2mm smaller !!) I got out of the store and started thinking (that's always the bad part !) this was a great opportunity to have a cool ceramic watch
at an honnest price I made a reservation and in a few weeks I'll post some real decent pix!!!