Oh well since I'm gonna break all flipping records this year anyway, why not take this PAM 311
Chrono Monopulsante home, a nice mix of titanium polished on the bezel and satinated on the case, in combination with the P.2004 Chrono Monopulsante movement featuring a single hand chrono pusher, a gmt function, night and day indicator, 8d linear power reserve meter, and a zero reset function. Not bad to find all these things in one watch, personally I'd love to see also a date function but on the other hand that would be a 'to much' on the dial. With only 124 gr. this realy is a lightweight PAM compared to my 289 in gold with a hefty 182 gr. Most people love the brown dial cause it gives the watch a bit more of a vintage aspect, my problem is that it's difficult to find a real good strap that matches 100%. The brown OEM croc is very nice, but if you want something more 'sporty' you'll have to look into sharks and calf straps I guess, so I hope to find that kind of strap in the next future, a 24mm titanium buckle seems hard to find also as Panerai don't make them and the aftermarket doesn't seem interested also.....

more great pictures you can find on Martin Wilmsens blog :


By now everbody knows I'm a sucker for big watches :)) , and since the JLC Geo came out more than a year ago it had my attention, last weeks however I started to hesisate between this bad ass and the Panerai 193 Submersible, at the end the JLC won just because It appealed more to me than the Pam with the electronic depth gauge, a great watch for sure but I allready had a 24 - 87 and 243 in my collection and a fourth Sub would be to much of the same even for me :))
Like many other watches this one also is an example of how it looks much better in real than in pictures, it's big, chunky etc... but the dial with his 3 layers in depth is realy stunning, the finishing is top notch, without any flaw. The box came with an extra velcro strap to be used over a divers suit (which I don't have LOL !) and the rubberized bracelet is realy the best I've ever seen, even adjustable with a halve link at each end of the clasp, nice thinking of JLC. This one expands my collection to 5 watches now.



It's very difficult to capture the colour difference between these 3 watches, on top you have the 195 pvd which has a more dull surface, then you have the more shiny gun metal color of the 26 and on the bottom you see the Tantalium which is darker than titanium with a blueish shade but comes close also to the 26....

ON TOP 195, 26, 192 Tantalium

On top 26 and 192 Tantalium

26, 192, 195

26 and 192 Tantalium


No need to introduce the sought after PAM 26, it's a clean and very well finished PVD version in a basic left handed version, the DLC coating is different from the 195 Collectors Edition that I have, the 195 is darker and has a more dull finish, the 26 is more what they call 'metal gun' coloured, a bit shiny but not to much, perfect in fact.