It was with mixed feelings that I turned the P.Com page in my heart, but honnestly the place lost completely my interest. The constant bashing and childness of some people on the site made it that I decided this way, the every day preaching for one or other sick or deceased person, the debacle on the 360 which turned into a sort of holy shrine for a so called community ... come on ... it's a watch in first instance not a sort of holy cross you have to wear to pretend you are part of ... of what in fact ??? a community ? probably 90% doesn't even greet their neighbours LOL !!!

Oh well... enough said , I'm sad that I had to take the plug out of posting , I will continue reading the forum now and then and will have contact with the friends I made overthere but for the moment that's about it I guess, I just hope one day the forum will be cleaned of all the nitwits that have made it to what it is but my hope is little I must say ...