A. LANGE B-UHR 1940 CAL. 48/1










These B-watches have been made for the German Luftwaffe by only 5 manufacturers:
  • A. Lange & Söhne
  • Laco (Lacher & Co)
  • Stowa (Walter Storz)
  • Wempe (Chronometerwerke Hamburg)
  • IWC
and contained high quality pocket watch movements:
  • Lange & Söhne: cal. 48/1
  • (due to limited capacities watches have been assembled by Huber/Munich, Felsing/Berlin, Schieron/Stuttgart, Schätzle & Tschudin/Pforzheim, Wempe/Hamburg).
  • Laco: Durowe cal. D 5
  • Stowa: Unitas cal. 2812
  • Wempe: Thommen cal. 31
  • IWC: cal. 52 SC (SC= „seconde central")

The specifications of these watches had been defined by the „Reichsluftfahrtministerium“ (RLM) – Imperial Air Ministry.
Due to those specifications all B-uhren had the following features in common:
  • A case diameter of 55 mm
  • Marked on the back with FL 23883 (FL = flight, 23 = navigation)
  • Equipped with large crowns in order to be used with gloves
  • Hacking movement (the second hand stops when pulling out the crown / essential for a precise time setting)
  • Breguet balance spring
  • Regulated and tested as chronometers
  • Long leather strap (to be worn on the sleeve of a flight jacket).